Education Sponsorships

  • Part/Full sponsorship of 30+ education programs/courses/exams including tech (eg CCNA/SCJP etc) non-tech (Google Adwords certification, Digital Marketing) and management (Executive MBA courses at leading institutions)
  • Purchase of any books

Attractive Loan Schemes

  • Some of our loan schemes (based on eligibility criteria) -
  • 1 year Interest free loans ranging from 1,00,000 to 1,000,000 for house deposits, home purchases, asset purchases, school deposits
  • 3 year Interest free loan upto Rs 1,500,000 for home purchase
  • Permanent grant upto Rs 1,500,000 for home purchase
  • Bridge loans at standard interest rates for car / home purchase

Vehicle Benefit

  • Individuals may be provided with a car based on eligibility

Chauffeur, Cook And Other Reimbursements

  • Individuals above a certain band will be reimbursed for a full time chauffeur and a cook
  • Based on eligibility you may be entitled to reimbursement towards movie tickets for you and your family

Food And Beverages

  • Free unlimited snacks and beverages
  • 50% subsidised premium meals (lunch and dinner) catered by Taj

Medical Insurance

  • Comprehensive medical assistance program covering all medical expenses
  • Cashless hospitalization and Life insurance coverage
  • Each employee is covered up to a sum of Rs. 200,000 (100,000 individual plus 100,000 corporate floater)
  • All pre-existing ailments covered
  • Maternity coverage upto Rs. 50,000
  • 30 days pre and 60 days post hospitalization expenses covered
  • Employee Accident cover : Every employee is insured upto a sum of Rs. 100,000 against accidents, disability etc

Relocation Benefits

  • Based on eligibility :
  • Cost of travel for individual and family
  • Relocation assistance and reimbursements
  • Company sponsored accommodation for a fixed tenure
  • Assistance for school admissions

Flexi-benefits Scheme

  • Flexibility to plan and structure flexible salary components such as meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, official vehicle expenses etc
  • Domain name and Blog

Other Benefits

  • Fulltime Concierge Desk for assistance with bill payments, courier services, travel and ticketing services, banking services etc
  • Flexible timings to plan your team’s work schedule as per the team’s convenience
  • Dozens of Interest groups who operate treks, salsa workshops, movies, biking trips, algorithmic contests etc
  • Well stocked library with a wide range of books


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