Software Engineer - Backend

Bangalore, India

Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI, is looking for a passionate Software Engineer.


Endurance as a company is are dedicated to helping our customers launch and grow their digital presence - by providing cloud-based hosting, mobile friendly website builders, e-commerce solutions, mobile app builders and much more.  Endurance has more than 5 million subscribers around the globe and an  annual revenue of over USD 1 billion.


You’ll be part of our experience team, building the best experience in the business for our customers. The work of this team contributes to top and bottom line, as well as the long term vision of the brand. This team is critical to the success of our business.


Job Location: Mumbai / Bangalore

Experience: 1 - 6 years




  • Design &develop world-class, highly available, scalable &reliable products/web services in the

IaaS, SaaS, PaaS space.

  • Understand requirements, own, collaborate and deliver new features and services at a fast


  • Use MVCframeworks, OOPs concepts, SOA concepts to build loosely coupled applications,

scalable applications.

  • Participate in the entire lifecycle of the product - design, documentation, coding, testing, and



  • Build platforms, frameworks, APIs, libraries & automated tools to facilitate rapid issue

resolution and development & deployment of new features and changes.

  • Integrate third-party products, understand the underlying platform of those products
  • Imbibe and maintain a strong customer service oriented attitude while designing and building


  • Participate actively in the recruitment and training processes. Mentor other individuals as you

develop your own career


Basic Qualifications:


  • Strong interpersonal communication skills (including listening, speaking, and writing) and the ability

to work well in a diverse, team-focused environment with other Engineers, Product Managers,


  • A passion for creating responsive, scalable and reliable web services for small & medium sized


  • A good understanding of Operating Systems, Internet, Networking, DNS
  • 0.6 month + years of experience building responsive web services in Java or PHP or Ruby.
  • Experience in Spring-boot Microservices 
  • Knowledge on Javascript, HTML, CSS.
  • Good grasp of OOPS. Knowledge of design patterns.
  • Experience with RDBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc
  • Exposure to distributed computing, SOA, RESTful applications
  • Experience with Test Driven Development.
  • Experience with Git/SVN/CVS, Continuous integration& Continuous delivery


Preferred Qualifications:


  • Previous experience working with geographically-distributed coworkers.
  • Understanding of Agile methodologies
  • Knowledge of most of these: virtualization, docker, public/private clouds, relational and non relational databases, web architecture, filesystems, queueing systems, config management,metrics and logging systems.