Senior Operations Engineer - Linux

Bangalore, India

Job Description:

Operations Engineering at Endurance fills the mission‐critical role of ensuring that our complex, web‐scale systems are healthy, monitored, automated, and designed to scale.

At Endurance, we build the web. Our products range from Web hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers, Security, Backups, Cloud, Optimized CMS’s, Ecommerce and complex scale‐as‐you‐grow solutions. Our company’s world‐class family of brands includes Bigrock, Resellerclub, LogicBoxes, Bluehost, HostGator, iPage,, A Small Orange, MOJO Marketplace among others.

As Operations Engineer in the Systems Architect team, you will work with a team of highly technical Operations Engineers, Software engineers, System Administrators, Product Managers etc to engineer great products, deliver five 9's uptime, build reliable systems, tools & automate processes.

Our teams are small, yet incredibly impactful. We're highly‐motivated, engaged, and empowered to make a difference. We're looking for talented engineers with a strong operational background and a penchant for solving complex technical problems. Does this sound like you?


  • Design, engineer, deploy and operate world‐class, highly available, scalable & reliable products in the IaaS, SaaS, PaaS space
  • Serve as a primary point responsible for the overall health, performance, and capacity of one or more of our services.
  • Learn new technology & practices ‐ devote time for learning and continuous improvement of self and team.
  • Provide great customer service, respond to escalations and build self‐serving tools/methods for customers and support teams.
  • Build automated tools to facilitate rapid issue resolution and deployment of new features and changes.
  • Imbibe and maintain a strong customer service oriented attitude while designing and building products
  • Automation for monitoring, deployment and delivery

Basic Qualifications:

  • Linux & subsystems (memory, storage, network etc) fundamentals/background.
  • Networking Fundamentals : DNS, TCP/UDP, IP Routing, HA & Load Balancing Concepts.
  • Basic Programming/Scripting Skills (Python, Ruby, Java, Go, Shell)
  • Good broad based troubleshooting skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • UNIX‐based web operations role.
  • Puppet/Chef
  • Previous experience working with geographically‐distributed coworkers.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills (including listening, speaking, and  writing) and ability towork well in a diverse, team‐focused environment with other Engineers, Product Managers, etc.
  • Knowledge of most of these: virtualization, docker, public clouds, relational and non relational databases, web architectures, filesystems, queueing systems, config management, regular expressions.