Team Lead - Hosting Product Specialist


About us:


Endurance International Group, through its various Businesses, provides volume based, mass-market, Internet products to millions of Customers worldwide. Endurance International Group has been consistently ranked amongst the fastest growing technology companies in the continent.


Endurance International Group is a leading provider of web-presence solutions to small-businesses, professionals and individuals. Our product portfolio includes domain name registration, email-hosting services, web-hosting services, website builder tools, e-commerce solutions, and digital certificates.


Job Description:

As a Team Lead - Hosting Product with Endurance International Group’s retail brands, you are a custodian of our customers’ continued trust in us for their critical application, email and web hosting needs. In this role, you will be the first point of contact with our client base, and be responsible for ensuring the speedy investigation, resolution and escalation of technical issues for our various hosting products. The friendliness and efficiency of our support is something we are incredibly proud of, and it is a very important reason for our success and our rapid growth.


What you’ll do:


  • Operations management
    • Oversee shift scheduling, adherence and floor management
    • Keep an eye on individual and team efficiency
    • Send efficiency and shift reports to management every day/week
    • Take ownership of escalated issues of customers
    • Discover training needs and provide coaching and feedback to direct reports
    • Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts
    • Drive team engagement. Suggest and organize team building activities
  • Keep track and help achieve critical metrics/OKRs and report the same weekly to Management
    • CSAT
    • Efficiency
    • SLAs
  • Building a team
    • Conduct first round of interview with candidates
    • Control attrition
    • Oversee training processes for new joinees
    • Oversee functional training of employees
    • Track and report training periods and scores
    • Maintain data on the same and share with stakeholders
    • Continuously identify areas of improvement for associates and conduct sessions to bridge the gap
  • Share reports and team progress on a weekly basis
  • Conduct weekly/bi-weekly team meetings
  • Contribute in Product Planning
    • Maintain a list of features/requirements from the support side and share the same with Product Managers
    • Follow up on every quarters data submitted and ensure the same is executed on time
  • Conduct performance reviews and annual appraisals
    • Conduct monthly, quarterly performance reviews for each team member
    • Assist Support Manager in recommending appraisals and promotions
  • Projects
    • Assist the manager in driving key metrics of the team like CSAT, SLA, FCR etc
    • Build reports, analyse trends and draw inferences from it



Who are you?


You are acquainted with / have mastered some of the below skills

  • Operating Systems: Good understanding of Redhat based linux flavours & Windows 2008/2012 systems.
  • Linux Skills: sed/awk/grep/egrep, VI/VIM, netstat, lsof, strace, ps/top/atop/dstat, grub boot config & systems rescue, fstab/disk labels, ext3/ext4, tcpdump/wireshark, IPtables, sysstat (sar/vmstat/iostat etc), run-levels & startup scripts, sudo/chkrootkit/rkhunter.
  • Windows Skills: Basic Windows Systems administration, Sysinternals tools, Performance monitor, Event logs, Various MMC's, Terminal services, VNC etc .
  • Fundamentals: Excellent DNS & Networking Fundamentals, TCP/UDP, IP Routing.
  • Application Protocols: Excellent understanding of SMTP,HTTP,FTP,IMAP,POP.
  • Control Panels: cPanel, Plesk, Virtuozzo, KVM, Hyper-V - Installation, configuration and customization
  • Applications: Exim, Postfix, Qmail, Apache (mod_php, mod_fcgid, CGI, php-fpm etc), Nginx, IIS (DotNet, PHP, ASP etc)
  • Scripting : Basic sh/bash, perl, ruby, python, Powershell, Batch, VBScript
  • Databases: Basic understanding of - SQL/RDBMS. Basics of MySQL, Postgres, MS-SQL. Configuring MySQL and postgreSQL servers.
  • Soft skills: Strong customer support focus and decent english communication skills.
  • Others: Regular expressions, Excellent troubleshooting skills.
  • Good to have:
    • Certifications: RHCE, MCSE, CCNA.
    • Experience in:  OpenVZ, Parallels Plesk and cPanel administration.
    • Systems/Hardware: LOM/IPMI/IP KVMs, Dell Hardware.


Why you’ll love us:

In this era of COVID-19, we believe in putting our employees first and keeping them safe. We were one of the first technology companies to make significant changes to our office environments and team interactions, including mandatory working from home and safety procedures to enter our office space. We are committed to not require any face-to-face interaction for our employees until the data shows it is entirely safe for our teams. Here is just a snippet of what we think you’ll love: 

  • Grow together. Our exciting virtual learning & development programs never cease to amaze us. Participate in our ExpertSpeak sessions/E-learning courses to grow professionally & personally. 
  • Work with creative & innovative teams. At Endurance, we believe in hiring the best of the best and are proud of being surrounded with people who think out of the box to only better our products, work & customer experiences.
  • Did someone say free domain? Building a community one domain at a time, one employee at a time. All our employees are eligible for a free domain and WordPress blog as we sponsor the domain registration costs.
  • Leave your worries aside! Juggling the demands of career and personal life can be stressful and challenging but don't worry! Our employee's assistance program services provide free, confidential, short-term counseling. This benefit is also extended to immediate family members.
  • We’ve got you covered. We are a family! From medical to life insurance, education sponsorship to interest-free loans & Flexi-leave policy - we've got your back!