Using WordPress Platform to Build Scalable Blogs

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As all of us are working from home these days due to the COVID-19 situation, there is an opportunity for us to try and build that blogging website we’ve always wanted to but couldn’t due to a busy schedule, deadline pressure, or sheer laziness.

Sadly enough, laziness has no solution yet. So for all you lazy folks, we thought why don’t we share how we use WordPress to serve the blogs of our Retail Brands like HostGator, bluehost and BigRock in the APAC Region. Maybe that’ll motivate you to build that blogging website of your dreams!

Our Humble Beginnings

We started with a fairly simple infra setup where we proxied all the /blog/* traffic to our Blog Cluster (Powered By WordPress), and the rest of the traffic flows to our E-commerce Cluster.

Earlier, even the blog cluster was pretty simple and old school. We hosted WordPress application and MySql DB on the same machine but we had at least 2 VPS to maintain the High Availability of the cluster along with ample of monitoring via Nagios and Pingdom/Site 24×7.

The Current State

Over the years, the blog cluster has evolved and what you see below is the latest setup which is equipped with Layer 7 Load Balancer (HAProxy). To uphold the principle of SoC (Separation of Concern), we moved our Application (WordPress) and MySql DB to their own instances which are load-balanced by HAProxy at 2 levels.

As we truly believe in dogfooding (Eating Our Own Dog Food), hence we have the WordPress application nodes set up using our own Optimized WordPress Hosting and MySql on our VPS servers.

Blogs served by this infra
Next Steps
  1. Move from VM/VPS to containers managed by Openshift or Public Cloud.
  2. Migrate MySql cluster from master-master to Cluster (Galera or InnoDB).
  3. Move from Monitoring to Observability.

If you are also bored (or full of excitement!), and want to blog about your experiences then please don’t hold back and start writing NOW.

As the great Indian poet, Kabir Das said,

काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब। 

पल में प्रलय होएगी, बहुरि करेगा कब॥

Long story short, he says “Just do it right now! Tomorrow might never come.”

If you need any kind of help on WordPress or High Availability infra setup, please drop us an email at

Stay Safe, Wash Hands and Happy Blogging!!!